Hydraulic Press Tool

0147.00 - 0191.10

Rated clamping force:≥32KN
Rated working pressure:52Mpa
Piston stroke:40mm
Clamping range:
Clamp die specification for thin-wall stainless steel pipe, copper pipe ( nominal OD):
NOTE: 15,18,22,28 is for hexagon clamping; 32 is for quincunx clamping; 42,54 is for 3-pieces chain clamping.
Clamp die specification for XPAP:
TH type: 16,20,26,32
U type: 16,20,25,32
Clamp die specification for PEX:
15(3/8"), 18(1/2"), 20(5/8"), 24(3/4"), 30(1")
NOTE: In order to meet demand please provide appropriate size and a standard of tube when place order.
Working temperature: -10℃~40℃.